Thursday, September 30, 2010


One thing that I have learned from this experience is that we really need to be conscience of our past and present. By that I mean how many times have we put off doing something saying tomorrows another day or there is lots of time for that!

Well in Laura's case she did not have a lot of time, but she really bit the bullet and did what she felt she had to do. It made me realize that I must get my scrapbooks finished especially the ones with older pictures of family. You would be surprised at what your own children do not remember about their childhood never mind what you don't remember!

I can not stress it enough get your keepsakes done and keep them up to date. It will be a lot easier to do now when you are healthy then trying to do it if you were to get ill or worse if you suddenly were not here.

A few years ago I decided to do a Heritage album for my self and my brothers. It was very difficult getting pictures from other folks ( I had none to work with) but they gladly shared what they had but the information about the pictures was sometimes lost or obscure because they really weren't sure about dates who was who etc. Luckily I took this album to a family reunion and any of the information that was incorrect was noticed and fixed up.

If you are the only one interested in preserving your and your families past you need to do this while you can. My Mom passed away before I could even ask her about my own childhood. Anyway, like the saying says "JUST DO IT".

Laura's Highschool graduation picture.
Laura went to Nursing School from 1957 to 1960 to be a Registered Nurse. These pages are photos that were taken during that time.

I believe that Laura was a great nurse, her kind and caring attitude showed me that she was a great nurse. Laura wanted her album to be what we call Clean and Simple so there are not a lot of extra embellishments, I tried to incorporate small stamps here and there like on the journalling pages here, were should could write about her nursing experiences.

I printed the Studing to be a Nurse on the Computer and printed it on the DSP.

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