Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Times With Family and Friends

This is a picture of Laura and her husband Jack. They look so happy. The pages I am posting today are from where they lived before they moved to our community called Aspen Park.

I did not get a chance to ask Laura if they moved here because of her illness as living in a Condo village is not as demanding as having your own property to look after. Not that there is nothing to do here there is lots if you are so inclined. We can have flower gardens etc. but if you choose to do nothing to your unit that is ok to.

I have the most loveliest garden, it blooms all the time, I never have to water it, pull weeds etc. Can you guess why? Yes, it is all faux. I just found that I much preferred this method of gardening. I do have some greenery to look after and I did plant some trees, but God looks after those ones.

Laura and Jack in their kitchen.

I am guessing that this was either and anniversary or birthday. I remember Laura telling me that there was her children and Jacks children so it must have been a second marriage for both of them. The saying on the page was computer generated something to do with love and family.

These were photos of their previous house, we decided to scrapbook them more for memories of happy times there.

Thanks for stopping by, there are only a few more pages to go.

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michelle said...

You have done a beautiful job on the scrapbook! Laura must have been very happy and I'm sure her granddaughters will really enjoy looking through it.