Monday, March 1, 2010

Evans Birthday

Hello Stamping Friends:
Today is my husbands 63rd birthday. He is not too happy about being 63 but I keep telling him you are not a number and you are as old as you feel. I am one to talk I think and act like I am 80 when I am a young 59 LOL.
Well today I am sharing my birthday card to him. I have been on a mission to start using more of the products I have been accumulating and saving for a special day and any other excuse I can think of not to use it. I was amazed and somewhat disgusted with all the paper, ribbons and brads I had while I was re-organizing my stamp stuff. Do we ever get completely organized? I seem to spend more time doing that than making cards lately. However, I must say that since I have re-organized things are so much easier to find and put away as I go. So I guess things must be getting better organized.
Enough gibber jabber, here is my card.

This is the inside, I guess I should have taken the picture before I signed it!

Thanks for looking.

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