Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scrapbooking Retreat Camp Arnes

Hello Stamping Friends:

Well if you live on the prairies in Canada I hope you are enjoying the nicer weather. I sure am hoping it will stay like this for some time. I really need to get back to walking and back on my weight watchers plan.

For those of you who also struggle with your weight you know how hard this can sometimes be. I am not a over eater but rather a under eater which causes me to gain weight for not eating. Go figure. So now that things around here are pretty much squared up, new office desk for my other home based business, new filing system etc. House pretty much back in order and stamp room almost back to normal as well.

I was at a all weekend scrapbooking retreat at a camp just north of us. It is situated in a forest like setting. You are almost camping but have the luxury of a bunk bed to sleep in. You have to bring your own bedding, bathroom towels etc. and you get 3 meals a day but you have to clean up the dining room after each meal. It sounds like a lot of work but it isn't and I had the pleasure to scrap and stamp with some wonderful ladies. We can stay up all night and wear pj's all weekend if we so desire. The part I dislike the most is the packing up and unpacking when I get back home. Always seem to take to much or not enough of something. But all in all I think this was my best one of the three I have been to.

Here are some of the items I made. I am so in love with this Vintage Vogue set can you tell. I had many compliments on these cards and the scrapbook page. I like to make 8 x 8 pages and usually just have one picture on it. Hope you like them.


Chelsea said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful creations! It sounds like a great weekend!

Cate said...

These are so pretty and I particularly love the scrapbook page.