Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Scrap Pile Find

Well what a day today was. Nobody told me that as my first pension cheque approaches that my memory would take off.

First I forgot to do an annual report for the government, got everything ready to go to town and mail this report only to realize that I did not write a cheque for the payment of this annual report.

So back home to write a cheque, back to town, only to come home and forget to get gas for my trip to Winnipeg tomorrow.

I wanted to make some cupcakes for a friends birthday in case she came to a meeting tonight and while making her card forgot about the cupcakes in the oven, thankfully I did not burn them but a few more minutes and who knows what they would have looked like.

Then coming home I asked my husband to stop by our post office box to see if there was any mail, once I opened the box I remembered I did that already today.

So I ask what else is going to be forgotten?

My card share for today is another one make from my save for later pile, I think I may have made this in a class before but I don't think I have shared it on my blog yet. Who knows maybe I forgot that too!

Well bye for now, if see me wandering around town please make sure I am not lost. LOL

I am going to try to load this on Facebook. Hope it is not too much.


Carol LeBlanc said...

Nice to see you are human:) And it is so cool that you are seeing the humour in it all. It is fun to laugh (even if only at oneself) You will be ok.

Beth McAlexander said...

Beautiful use of the Medallion stamp. TFS!